Area & Spot Treatments

Localized Cryotherapy targets a specific area of the body to treat inflammation due to injury, post-surgery or chronic pain. Area & spot treatments are also a great tool to use for post surgery to help heal incision areas and swelling.

How long are treatments?

Spot treatments last 3-5 minutes.

How often should I have one?

We recommend an area or spot treatment to help with post-injury or surgery 3-5 times in close succession. For best results, a Whole Body Cryotherapy session should be part of the treatment to help maximize treatment. One of our highly qualified technicians can help guide you to the best treatment plan.

  • Spot
  • $25
  • Single Session
    One Area
    3 – 5 minutes
  • Area
  • $50
  • Per Session
    Target Specific Area
    10 minutes