Neuromuscular Therapy

A therapeutic massage that concentrates on muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. This therapy will release problem areas that are missed by general massage.


Cupping is a form of alternative therapy by which cups are placed on the skin to create suction. It’s a treatment that releases stagnation, pain, and discomfort from the energy meridians of the body as well as softens tight muscles and joints. There is a saying in Chinese medicine:

‘Where there is a flow there is health, and where there is stagnation there is disease.

The feeling of looseness in the body and higher levels of energy makes cupping a favored healing method to treat and prevent pain, inflammation and blood flow. Paired with deep-tissue massage, cupping brings the body and mind relaxation and overall feeling of well-being.


Perform Recover Repeat | Icebox Cryotherapy

“Britt is simply the best! His massages have become a regular part of my recovery routine. After I leave, I feel better both physically and mentally as the massages help me manage stress and relive tension all over my body!”


  • Cupping Treatment
  • Single Area
    30 Minutes
    Includes Massage

  • Cupping Treatment
  • 60 Minutes
    Includes Massage

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