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Alia Alston was in a serious car accident caused by a drunk driver, leaving her with chronic pain and a debilitating neck injury. Her father, a respected chiropractor in Florida, heard about the very first cryotherapy sauna in the U.S. that was being utilized by Nike and the Mavericks NBA Team. Alia began cryotherapy treatments with the encouragement from her father, and it only took a few sessions for the cold to begin working its magic! For the first time in many years, Alia was able to relieve the numbness in her left arm and leg, and felt her pain significantly decrease.

At that point in time, Cryotherapy was only available in professional and medical facilities. Alia saw a huge opportunity to help others feel and look their best and create a retail environment that would provide an upbeat, spa-like wellness studio, offering cryotherapy and other complimentary services.

Icebox instantly became the first brick and mortar retail Cryotherapy studio in the US and continues to be the leader and trendsetter of the entire industry.


The Icebox Team takes pride in their passion and knowledge for Cryotherapy and all its health benefits that help our clients look and feel their absolute best.

All our staff go through initial in-studio training and continued education and testing to ensure they are educated. Many of our team members come from a health and wellness background, which helps them connect and relate to our clients.

At Icebox, we look forward to working with you and your health, wellness and beauty goals.

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