Are you an Influencer?

A large base of clientele at Icebox are exercise junkies. They are weekend warriors, sweat mafia and double doers (two workouts a day).

Working at Icebox has so many perks, but my favorite is being around this motivated group of clients who seem to have endless energy and goals. Talk about motivation!

I listen to a few key people… esthetician, my trainer, and my mama! My trainer knows all the best new health fads, ways to get the best workouts and the best way to recover and get back to the gym quick!

So with that in mind, Icebox launched the Influencer Program for all our Rockstar Fitness Instructors, Physical Therapists, MD’s & DC’s.

Basically, everyone you should be talking to about recovery & wellness. Our IP recipients get discounted Cryotherapy, try out our new products, and participate in some fun R&D. Click here to request info.

Check out this video of one of my favorite trainers, Phillip Blow, and his experience at Icebox. He’s been a client for years and educated many of his clientele on how to use Icebox!

If you’re in the biz and you don’t know about Icebox, you are missing out on some pretty “cool” innovative recovery modalities. Let us teach you about Icebox and all we have to offer for recovery, wellness and beauty.

We work with the beauties and the beasts…!