Going Global with Health and Wellness

Heading into the holiday season, I wanted to let you know about the projects I have started in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. As a physical therapist, I have always wanted to help a country in need through my training in health and fitness.

After a trip for pure fun to Nicaragua in 2012, I was moved by the passion and energy of a country who had come so far through war to where they are today. I immediately started to research how I could get started working with children and in physical therapy.

Since March 2012, I have opened my business Live With Passion that is focused on health and wellness in the US and a specific effort to build a wellness center in SW Nicaragua for health education and prevention. We have completed the following projects so far:
– Completed 3 visits of free physical therapy clinics for the local community working with the mayor, Rosa Elena Bello
– Delivered 200 pairs of shoes and school supplies to schools in Playa Remanso, Rivas, Nicaragua
– Delivered 6 boxes of medical supplies to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
– Began a pen pal program for The Globe Academy (Atlanta, GA) and Playa Maderas, Rivas, Nicaragua school district
– Began NicaFit Retreats that are boot camp and primal fitness retreats focused on cultural immersion and exploration while completing a community service project

From November 8-24, Live With Passion will be returning to Nicaragua with 200 pairs of shoes, 4 boxes of children’s clothes, and 6 boxes of school supplies. We will be cleaning up two poor schools on the coast including landscaping. Last, we will be hosting our first community workout on the beach to influence a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more about projects with Live With Passion or donations please contact me:lauren@livewithpassionllc.com.

I would like to thank ICEBOX CRYOTHERAPY for always being a huge supporter of our efforts to heal as many communities in the world as we can.