Did you know RockTape turns down the volume on pain from injuries?

More particularly, it runs impedance on torment. Ever whack your shin and rub it, and all of a sudden it feels better? RockTape on the skin can help with difficult signs which are coordinated to the cerebrum. Common applications include knees, shoulders, back, planter faciitis and tennis elbow.

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Kinesiology-Rock Tape| Icebox Cryotherapy

Delay fatigue & weariness

Research has demonstrated that RockTape on skin constricts muscle weariness. In recovery, this is critical, not just for the parts of your body that are throbbing, but additionally for encompassing areas of muscles that are not functioning properly.

Kinesiology-Rock Tape | Icebox Cryotherapy

It standardizes muscle tone

When a body part is hurting, exhausted, debilitated, or aroused, the ensemble of muscle movements that ordinarily occurs with awesome precision frequently drops off key. This can happen everywhere throughout the body. Case in point, research has demonstrated that individuals who sprain their lower leg have a tendency to have adjusted action of their hip muscle. RockTape breathes life into muscles and quiets down overactive muscles. It helps your body coordinate development as though it wer never hurt, thus permitting it to recuperate legitimately.

Kinesiology-Rock Tape| Icebox Cryotherapy

It circulates physical anxiety

Not at all like ordinary taping, which forestalls development – RockTape permits full development of a taped zone. Through versatile properties and brisk backlash, RockTape can circulate strengths to other close-by zones through the belt, ligaments, and even bones.

At the point when the signs touching base to the mind are changed, it doesn’t create the vibe of aching. At the point when kinesiology tape is legitimately connected, large portions of our clients call it “enchantment” or believe that it has altered their injury in a flash. Truth be told, it changes how your body deciphers throbbing or constant pain levels, turning down the “volume” that your body listens to.

Kinesiology-Rock Tape| Icebox Cryotherapy


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“It’s amazing! RockTape has helped me during a rib injury in keeping it stabilized so I can move comfortably through the day.”


Common Applications




Plantar Faciitis

Tennis Elbow

Whether you’re preparing for a marathon or achieving an individual wellness objective, you definitely realize that nothing helps you recover faster. Rock Tape is lightweight, agreeable to wear, and can be utilized for several basic wounds, for example, lower back agony, knee torment, shin props, carpal passage disorder, and tennis elbow among other examples.

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