That’s Quite a Catch


Indoor rowers have been popping up in studio gyms everywhere. They look intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, the machine can be a powerful calorie burner, and core and leg strengthener BUT, improper form can lead to some serious injuries.

At Icebox, we get a lot of post-injury clients, and one of the most common equipment injury we hear about is from the rower! However, this is not a machine to skip in class or at the gym. Our Buckhead Atlanta Store Manager has some good suggestions to keep injury down and heart rate up. Garnett Pollock is the best person to ask because of the man totes some amazing accolades in rowing. He was a 12-time Atlanta ERG Sprint Gold Medal winner and 3rd in the US for indoor sprints. Yup! He’s a Pro-Rower, to say the least.

Helpful hints before you start:

  1. Set the resistance low to start while you’re learning your form.
  2. Secure your feet on the pads properly and keep straps tights to keep your feet from moving while you are rowing.
  3. Keep your abs engaged to protect your back.

Follow these steps to a smooth row.

The Catch

Move arms out first, followed by the upper body. Keep back straight, never slumped and engage your abs to protect your back.

The Drive

To slide back, push off with your feet first, so that your legs straighten, but your arms are still extended. This part works your arms and core the most so keep your form perfect during the drive.

Finish & Recovery

Your legs should still be extended and flat during the finish. Your shoulders should be slightly behind your hips. During recovery, you’ll slide slowly back to the original position of the stroke. This will give you time to recover from the drive and finish!








Now watch Garnett Pollock put all the steps together:

Have fun, sweat lots and keep rowing!

See you at Icebox