Why You Shouldn’t Skip Cryo When It’s Cold

As the winter season approaches and it gets chillier outside we may find ourselves searching for warmth by snuggling up next to a fireplace or getting cozy under some blankets on the couch. The thought of “cold therapy” may be the furthest thing from our minds, but cryotherapy can be vital during this time. 



Our mental and physical well-being can be challenged during the winter months. With winter comes the holidays, and although pleasant and joyful, the pressures of holiday parties, gift shopping, and time with family can cause a lot of anxiety, stress, and for some, depression. Add to that, the constant cold temperatures have the power to weaken our immune systems and we’re left susceptible to diseases like the cold, flu, or worse. Cryotherapy during the winter is an excellent tool to keep us protected. It can provide mental and physical relief by boosting endorphins in our bodies. These hormones help reduce pain and stress and lower cortisol levels, elevating our sense of well-being while also strengthening our immune system. 



Cryotherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to promote healing in the body. An example of a  simple method would be using an icepack on an injury or taking an ice bath. It works by applying cold temperatures to the body to alleviate pain associated with swelling and inflammation. However, its effects go beyond that. Because inflammation is associated with so many physical and mental ailments, cryotherapy is used to treat a wide array of problems from sports injuries and autoimmune disorders to skin and cognitive issues. Whole Body Cryotherapy involves using extremely cold temperatures on the entire body in an icebox for 3 minutes to trigger the body’s healing process. This treatment provides relief to several parts of the body at once while also providing cognitive benefits. 



Here are some of the many benefits of cryotherapy, especially during the colder months.


Provides mental clarity and focus

Endorphins are released, helping to keep your mind sharp which comes in handy when going down your holiday shopping and to-do list


Reduces stress

Those same hormones can help reduce stress, making it easier to handle all the end-of-year tasks and family reunions


Relieves pain

Winter can be one of the busiest times of the year which means our bodies can be put to the test. Very cold temperatures can also trigger inflammation flare-ups. Cryotherapy reduces pain from swelling and inflammation to keep you pain-free and on the move.


Helps to alleviate depression symptoms

Winter brings shorter days, and with less sun comes less vitamin D which plays a hand in our mental health. Also, the changing of the seasons is a major contributor to depression.  Endorphins provide a sense of well-being and elevate the mood. 


Provides energy

Adrenaline levels are increased during cryo to provide a boost of energy which can be extremely helpful during the busy holiday season.


Boosts immune systems

Positive antioxidants and nutrients are released in the blood during cryotherapy. These molecules also help to lower oxidative stress, keeping our immune cells healthy.

It’s during these colder months when cryotherapy can be most beneficial. In addition to saving us from the stress and anxiety circling, it helps to keep up our bodies’ defenses against the cold, flu, or other viruses that run rampant throughout this time. Consistent cryo can help to keep our minds sharp and our immune systems in fighting shape. 

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