The Driving Force

Alia Alston, Founder

Alia Alston has been in charge of overall strategic, marketing and operational responsibilities for the Icebox Cryotherapy Studio in Atlanta since its inception in 2012. She provides leadership to the employees and management, implements new strategic initiatives and overall branding direction for Icebox. As a 20 year veteran in retail marketing and product management, Alia is highly experienced and knowledgeable in building and promoting a company from the ground up.

Injury Creates An Opportunity:

Alia Alston was in a serious car accident that left her with a debilitating neck injury causing chronic pain. Her father, a respected Chiropractor in Florida, heard about the first Cryotherapy sauna in the US that was being utilized by Nike, and encouraged Alia to undergo the treatment. After a few sessions of Cryotherapy, Alia had regained sensation in her left arm and leg, and felt a significant decrease in her pain levels. At the time, Cryotherapy saunas were only available in professional and medical facilities. Alia saw an opportunity to create a retail environment that would provide an upbeat, spa-like health studio, offering Cryotherapy and other complementary services. She was the first brick and mortar retail Cryotherapy studio in the US, and continue to be the leader and trendsetter in the industry.

Our Team

The Icebox Team prides themselves on their knowledge and passion regarding Cryotherapy and all its health benefits that help clients look and feel their best. Icebox team members all go through manufacturer certification and follow strict policies and guidelines to assure our customers have a safe and professional experience. All staff members go through thorough initial training, continued education, and testing to ensure they are educated and up-to-date with the latest information to have full understanding of their clients’ needs and recovery goals. Most team members come from a health and wellness background, which helps them connect and relate to the Icebox clientele. Icebox looks forward to working with you and your health, wellness and beauty goals.

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