Meet The Owners

ICEBOX co-founder and operating manager, Alia Alston, was in a serious car accident many years ago, which left her with a debilitating neck injury causing constant chronic pain. More years and two children later, her condition worsened. In 2011, she developed numbness in her left arm and leg caused by the inflammation in her neck, and her doctor suggested that her only option was an invasive neck surgery. Her father, a well-respected chiropractor in Florida and her brother a Medical Sargent with the US Special Forces, wanted her to try a non-surgical option. They both were familiar with a procedure called Cryotherapy, and her father in fact just recently acquired the eighth Cryotherapy machine in the US for his clinic in Tallahassee. After only a few sessions of cryo, Alia regained sensation in her left arm and leg, and her pain levels continued to improve as her use of cryotherapy increased.

Alia and her family were astonished at the effectiveness of the treatment and was surprised how little the American public knew about this amazing technology. Having first-hand experience with this literal pain-point, Alia and her brother Ethan Whitfield saw an opportunity to make Cryotherapy available to the public. Together, they co-founded Icebox Cryotherapy in Atlanta in 2012, which became the first cryotherapy retail location in the US. The company’s mission is to offer aid in athletic performance and recovery, reducing pain and inflammation, and promoting overall health, beauty and wellness, by using cryotherapy to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Co-founder Ethan Whitfield brings over 18 years of unique leadership experience and medical background in the US Army to ICEBOX. During his service, he completed Ranger School, Special Forces. Qualification (Medical Sergeant), Primary Leadership Development, Advanced and Senior Leaders courses. In addition, he has also completed the National Paramedic, ASTYM Providers, Strategic Communications (Maxwell School), and The BREIF Labs intro to Briefings courses, while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Health Sciences from George Washington University. In the army, Ethan served as Special Forces Senior Medical Sergeant, Special Forces Team Sergeant, Special Operations Medical Team Leader, Special Operations Medical Troop Sergeant Major, and Special Project Operations Manager. Ethan’s medical and leadership training in the Army has been an asset in preparing him to guide ICEBOX. He has been the recipient of over twenty awards, including the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He currently serves as a Military Science Instructor and CEO of ICEBOX.

Alia Alston graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, specializing in Retail. She was highly sought after by several Fortune 500 companies, due to her earlier successful experiences with Steinmart and several exclusive boutiques in Florida and Georgia. She opted to sign on with Federated Companies as a Buyer, concentrating on retail marketing, advertising, forecasting and strategy. She also demonstrated an innate knack for teamwork in introducing new brands to the company’s stores. Prior to co-founding ICEBOX, Alia worked for Keller Williams Realty, acting as agent and liaison between home owners, builders and investors. She specialized in high-end new construction, eventually organizing her own team to focus on land acquisitions and development. As a veteran with over twenty years in retail marketing and product management, Alia is highly experienced and knowledgeable in building and promoting a company from the ground up. She currently serves as co-founder and COO of ICEBOX.

Cryotherapy has been used and valued in Japan and Europe for decades, but is only now beginning to gain traction and recognition for its healing properties in the United States. Co-owners Alia Alston and Ethan Whitfield are a synergistic team-leading ICEBOX to greater future endeavors. Their father, Dr. Ronald Whitfield, taught them both the importance of complimentary and therapy modalities, and from that, their common vision has grown to what is ICEBOX today, with plans to expand into a multi-state business as well as franchising opportunities.

Meet the Owners | Icebox Cryotherapy

Our Team

The Icebox Team prides themselves on their knowledge and passion regarding Cryotherapy and all its health benefits that help clients look and feel their best. Icebox team members all go through manufacturer certification and follow strict policies and guidelines to assure our customers have a safe and professional experience. All staff members go through thorough initial training, continued education, and testing to ensure they are educated and up-to-date with the latest information to have full understanding of their clients’ needs and recovery goals. Most team members come from a health and wellness background, which helps them connect and relate to the Icebox clientele. Icebox looks forward to working with you and your health, wellness and beauty goals.

Our Team | Icebox Cryotherapy