Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy sessions are extremely beneficial for athletic recovery, pain management and beauty & wellness!

Whole Body Cryotherapy was originally designed as a treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Inflammatory Joint Diseases. Proving extremely effective, Whole Body Cryotherapy quickly gained notoriety for that specific issue, but also to treat systemic inflammation throughout the body that can be beneficial for athletic recovery, pain management and beauty & wellness.

Come experience the Icebox difference, and become a better version of you with our Whole Body Cryotherapy.

what is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a modern take on the traditional ice bath and involves exposing the body for 3 minutes to ultra-low temperatures, ranging from -200F to -256F. Whole body cryotherapy reduces chronic inflammation, improves circulation, relieves pain, and promotes overall better health and wellness.

Cryotherapy Treatment Woman
Cryotherapy Treatment Man

The benefits of cryotherapy

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    Reduce Inflammation

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    Reduced Stress

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    Better Sleep

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    Release Endorphins

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    Improved Circulation

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    Faster Recovery

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    Increase Collagen

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    Reduced Pain



Every time I’ve gone into the facility the staff is beyond welcoming and very knowledgeable. I absolutely love doing the cryotherapy and compression therapy for recovery. This place is a 10/10!


Icebox is a great addition to total body recovery. 3 minutes of cryo a couple times a month has improved my breathing, sleep, and performance. What really stands out is their customer service; everyone is extremely respectful and helps you out with whatever you need. Definitely recommend them.

Jim D

The staff is what makes this place so special!!! Some of the nicest people ever! The cryotherapy facility is the best i have ever used. Also, Normatec Compression therapy is quite effective. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ICEBOX!!!

Julie M

Very friendly & encouraging staff, pleasant atmosphere- definitely a place you’ll want to go to a couple of times per week. I love the full body & the facials. Get there & bring your friends, it’s life changing!

Lee F

I’m a big fan of cryotherapy now that the folks at Icebox have helped me with my archery training! I shoot high scores and am able to keep setting new personal bests thanks to their service. I have EDS so full body cryotherapy helps me overcome my disability and keep competing!


Fantastic recovery and rejuvenation therapy! Awesome staff and very clean store.

Jim G

Really helps my gymnast and soccer player daughters recover quicker, and it is a lot easier and less painful then the ice baths that they also do.


Never Tried Cryotherapy?

It is cold, but not painful! The temperatures are very tolerable, and a trained Icebox Wellness Coordinator will talk you though the entire cryo session.