10 Reasons to Franchise with Icebox Cryotherapy

10 Reasons to Franchise with Icebox Cryotherapy

With a mission-driven business model, a first-to-market concept and an unparalleled brand reputation, Icebox is leading the charge in the $6 billion cryotherapy industry and the rising wave of self-care enthusiasm.

The wellness industry is booming, and Icebox, the pioneering cryotherapy franchise, is at the forefront of this growth. With 18 successful studios, 10 under developement and plans for rapid expansion, here are 10 compelling reasons why investing in this cool new franchise concept can be a life-changing business decision.

“Icebox is accomplishing what we started 11 years ago as the first brick-and-mortar cryotherapy studio in the country,” said CEO and founder Alia Alston. “Each studio lovingly dedicates themselves to providing an enriching escape that instantly assists with pain management, overall wellness and skin health. What a meaningful mission we are all on to serve our communities. Five years ago we started franchising to expand our reach into communities nationwide.”

1. A Leader in a Surging Industry

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a major focus on feel-good businesses that promote health and well-being. According to a study done by Mindbody, 75% of Americans feel that wellness is more important than ever.

Modern holistic treatments such as cryotherapy are rapidly gaining popularity across the nation, due to growing awareness of the risks associated with prescription drugs. Originally, cryotherapy was intended to treat rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory joint conditions, but users and practitioners alike soon discovered that full body cryotherapy had the potential to address a vast array of other health issues.

The cryotherapy market, now valued at $6 billion, is expanding at an impressive rate. Icebox stands at the forefront of this growth, offering franchises across the United States the chance to tap into the burgeoning self-care trend and seize the lucrative opportunities within the health and wellness revolution.

“The pandemic taught us that the concept of self-help is more important than ever,” said Alston. “More recovery studios are popping up every day, and that is creating more awareness around the industry. We don’t mind the competition. Our unique approach sets us apart and offers our clients a truly distinctive Icebox experience.”

2. A Proven Business Model

Icebox was started in 2012 with a vision that all communities should have access to a treatment that was non-invasive, easy, quick and produced instant gratification. At the time, the average consumer didn’t have access to cryotherapy services, as they were only available at professional and medical facilities. After six years of owning and operating Icebox, Alston knew she had the opportunity to create a successful franchise. In late 2018, Icebox sold its first franchise in Alpharetta, Georgia and was able to prove the model further.

For prospective franchisees, Icebox offers a proven business model, refined over the past decade to provide a scalable path, thanks to its simplified services and a membership-based model where guests are recommended to visit the studio a minimum of two to three times in a seven to ten day period for the best results.

“From athletic performance to pain management, overall wellness and skin health, Icebox delivers the best innovative cold therapy experience in the industry,” said Alston. “We are the cold experts.”

3. A Mission-Driven Franchise

Icebox is a mission-driven business that is dedicated to helping people feel and look their best. Alston started the business after experiencing the benefits of cryotherapy firsthand after a serious car accident that left her with chronic pain and a debilitating neck injury. Fueled by her own healing experience with cryotherapy, the mission to help others is at the heart of the Icebox franchise.

“The most rewarding part of this business is the fact that we’re changing lives,” said Alston. “People are moving again, discontinuing pain medications and hitting personal milestones. When we were closed for nine weeks due to COVID, we had some clients that struggled with addiction to pain medication who told us they had to go back to rehab or counseling because they couldn’t get to Icebox. Those types of stories fuel us each day. We share and promote our clients’ stories among our franchisees and studios to keep everyone focused on ‘the why’ behind our work.”

4. A Unique Service Offering

Icebox franchisees have an opportunity to offer a unique service that differs from most other wellness businesses. The franchise focuses on cryotherapy, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional ice bath, which entails exposing the human body to ulta-low temperatures for a span of three minutes, all without the use of water. This full-body cryotherapy helps to mitigate chronic inflammation, enhance circulation, alleviate pain and foster overall health and wellness. These state-of-the-art studios also offer skin health care and cryotherma anti-aging treatment, all within a lively environment staffed by highly skilled professionals equipped with top-notch industry tools.

Icebox provides the option for clients to schedule a one-off cryotherapy session or become a member with three tiers based pricing option on the frequency of their planned visits. Unlike competitors who may offer cryotherapy as a supplementary service, members at Icebox can be assured that the team is deeply committed and knowledgeable about cryotherapy and its extensive benefits for health and skin wellness.

5. A Growing Presence

Prospective franchisees will not only be tapping into the rapidly-growing wellness trend, but they will also be joining a rapidly-growing franchise concept. In 2023, the Icebox team is accelerating franchise growth with the goal of signing 18 units by the end of the year. The company is looking for both single-unit and multi-unit franchisees to help the brand achieve its goal of opening studios in markets all across the country.

Target markets include Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

6. Comprehensive Support for Franchisees

Icebox simplifies the process for franchisees to establish and manage their outlets by offering initial and continuous training and support.

This includes assistance in finding a suitable location, lease negotiations and local vendor relationship management; comprehensive store design, development and construction support services; full integration with a custom-made technology platform designed to assist franchisees; an extensive operations manual, training resources and videos; complete on-site training for franchisees and their staff; marketing support and advice covering social media, public relations and complete collateral packages; as well as pre-launch training at the studio.

7. A High Employee Retention Rate

Today, amid labor shortages across nearly every segment, the Icebox team understands that higher retention is essential for business owners looking to build something sustainable in their community.

That is why the Icebox franchise includes a full suite of support tools and resources to help franchise owners with the staffing, hiring and education process. This has allowed existing Icebox studios to retain a much higher percentage of employees than other competitors in the industry.

8. A Franchise Advisory Council

In addition to corporate support, Icebox has a Franchise Advisory Council, where top-tier studio owners can collaborate, share best practices and mentor other owners. This collaborative approach can help ensure the success of individual franchisees and the franchise as a whole.

“The growth of Icebox is not only due to what my team and I have developed and learned from over 10 years of running our own studios, but from the franchisees that have been successful and shared their knowledge,” said Alston.

9. A Scalable Business

For growth-minded entrepreneurs looking to the future, Icebox offers a scalable business model that can accommodate expansion. The franchise operates on a membership-based model, for example, which can provide a steady stream of recurring revenue and facilitate stronger relationships with customers. Looking at same store sales, Icebox studios grew 35% in Q1 of 2023 vs Q1 2022, and 27% in Q2 of 2023 vs. Q2 of 2022.

10. A Meaningful Opportunity

Finally, franchising with Icebox offers a truly meaningful business opportunity. As a franchisee, you can make a positive impact on your community by providing a high-quality, feel-good service. You can help people improve their health and wellness, while also building a successful team of employees and estheticians.

“This is an opportunity to help people and create jobs in your community in a healthy, fun and creative environment,” said Alston. “For people who have always dreamed of opening up their own businesses and building wealth, the time has never been better to join the cryotherapy wellness movement with Icebox, the number one brand leader in the industry.”

With its proven business model, strong brand reputation and comprehensive support for franchisees, Icebox is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enter the wellness industry.

The total investment necessary to open an Icebox studio ranges from $372,900 – $639,700, including a $45,000 franchise fee. Learn more: https://1851franchise.com/iceboxtherapy