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Cut your recovery time in half, reduce chronic and acute pain and become the best version of you with our Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment. Some of the many benefits include:

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    Reduce Inflammation

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    Reduced Stress

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    Better Sleep

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    Release Endorphins

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    Improved Circulation

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    Faster Recovery

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    Increase Collagen

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    Reduced Pain


Advanced cold treatments that focus on uncovering your healthiest skin.


Innovative services that give you quick, instant results. All our enhancers work synergistically with our services to take your Icebox visit to the next level.


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Every time I’ve gone into the facility the staff is beyond welcoming and very knowledgeable. I absolutely love doing the cryotherapy and compression therapy for recovery. This place is a 10/10!


Icebox is a great addition to total body recovery. 3 minutes of cryo a couple times a month has improved my breathing, sleep, and performance. What really stands out is their customer service; everyone is extremely respectful and helps you out with whatever you need. Definitely recommend them.

Jim D

The staff is what makes this place so special!!! Some of the nicest people ever! The cryotherapy facility is the best i have ever used. Also, Normatec Compression therapy is quite effective. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ICEBOX!!!

Julie M

Very friendly & encouraging staff, pleasant atmosphere- definitely a place you’ll want to go to a couple of times per week. I love the full body & the facials. Get there & bring your friends, it’s life changing!

Lee F

I’m a big fan of cryotherapy now that the folks at Icebox have helped me with my archery training! I shoot high scores and am able to keep setting new personal bests thanks to their service. I have EDS so full body cryotherapy helps me overcome my disability and keep competing!


Fantastic recovery and rejuvenation therapy! Awesome staff and very clean store.

Jim G

Really helps my gymnast and soccer player daughters recover quicker, and it is a lot easier and less painful then the ice baths that they also do.

For many people, the winter months of the year bring about “winter blues.” These are marked by symptoms of low energy, depression, oversleeping, and weight gain. To alleviate these symptoms, try a Cryotherapy session. It can help with a variety of mental health issues such as #anxiety, #stress, and depression. It works by exposing your body to temperatures well below freezing for a few minutes, causing your body to promote healing processes and increase endorphin levels, helping you to feel more joyful and relaxed. Go to to find your local studio and book a session today. 

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When you’ve got a busy schedule it can be hard finding time for self care. Prioritizing your health and wellness doesn’t have to mean being stuck in a studio all day. If you’ve got 12 minutes, one cryo session can 

❄️ Boost energy levels
❄️ Elevate mood 
❄️ Increase flexibility

If you have questions about cryo or would like to know how cryo can improve your #health and #wellness, drop a question in the comments below or shoot us a DM!

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February is Black History Month. A time to celebrate the achievements of African Americans. We observe this month to honor all their triumphs and as a reminder that the work is not yet done in the fight for equality and justice for all. 

Recovery is just as important as your workout. Make sure you’re providing your body with the best treatments by visiting your local Icebox studio for a cryotherapy session before, after or between workouts. 

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After strenuous exercise or an injury, you need proper #recovery. Cryotherapy treatments help speed up recovery time by quickly reducing inflammation and swelling and easing joint and muscle pain. Faster recovery keeps your body ready for the next #workout.

Visit to learn more about how cryo can improve your #performance.

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When you’re serious about how you train, #cryotherapy treatments are the perfect supplement following a workout to treat injuries and help your body recover faster. You’ll see results after just one session, but try them 3x a week and see how your workouts really level up.

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Cryo not only helps boost energy but also relaxes your mind and body, resulting in better sleep.

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“I started Cryotherapy a couple of years ago for arthritis. Although I was a little fearful of the cold at first, I decided to give it a try. After the first session, I felt immediate results and noticed physical changes in my body. All the inflammation started to move and I felt like I could actually move again. I went back again the very next day. Now, I cryo at Icebox two to four times a week, moving between pro and intermediate level.

This form of healing has changed my life. Sincerely, it is one of the best things that has come into my wellness plan. I’m now off all medication and am so grateful to live in a city with access to this type of therapy.”

–Brice W.

#Arthritis #Cryotherapy #PainRelief #IceboxTherapy #Holistic
If you are one of the 22% of Americans dealing with #Arthritis you know all about the pain, swelling and discomfort associated with the condition. You may not know that cryotherapy is an effective tool is managing and treating pain symptoms.

Cryotherapy uses cold air to decrease swelling and inflammation in the joints and sends endorphins throughout the body to relieve pain and stress. During a #wholebodycryotherapy session the body is exposed to cold temperatures for 3 minutes, resulting in immediate reduced pain. It is a safe, holistic treatment that was once only available in medical facilities but now open to all.

Go to to learn more about how cryo can help those suffering from arthritis and inflammation conditions.

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If you’ve ever had a hangover, it can feel like your whole body is in pain. And while hydration and healthy eating are a must when detoxing, when you want to feel better right away #cryotherapy is the ticket.

Whole body cryotherapy works by circulating extreme cold air around the body for 3 minutes. Just one session can help you feel better, faster by boosting your body’s endorphin production.

Endorphins are chemicals in your brain and nervous system that relieve pain and reduce stress, helping you to feel relaxed. They also improve your mood and energy levels.

Cryotherapy also helps by reducing inflammation and swelling that can be associated with a night of heavy drinking.

So the next time your morning is feeling a little rough, stop by your local Icebox studio for a quick detox treatment to get you back on your feet.

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When the quality of your sleep is low, there are simple steps you can take to ensure you catch some z’s.

Remove electronic devices from your bedroom at night. The sounds and lights from these devices can stimulate the mind making it harder to fall asleep.

Avoid eating heavy meals before bed. Certain foods can increase blood sugar levels causing poor quality of sleep.

Start incorporating cryotherapy into your weekly routine. #WholeBodyCryotherapy releases endorphins, creating a feeling of deep relaxation.

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Wellness Wednesday Tip: If you’re a student-athlete, staying active and energized is key for your gameday performances. 💪

Cryo can help! Regular visits 2-3 times a week helps keep muscles and joints pain-free, reduces #recovery time, and pumps up your energy levels.

Learn more about how cryo can improve your athletic performance at the link in bio.

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