Cryo On-The-Go

For die-hard cryotherapy users, traveling for over a week can be distressing.

Thanks to Icebox, I have gotten used to having a reliable source of pain relief 2-3 times a week. Therefore, when I am traveling, it becomes quite difficult to go without it. Every time I find myself outside the vicinity of an Icebox studio, I have to find new Cryotherapy sources. Seven years ago, when I first started my Cryotherapy journey, it was almost impossible to find a studio. Nowadays, one can find a studio in most major cities in the US and Europe.

However, not all Cryo studios are made equal.

I’ve seen and been a part of the advent of the Cryo craze in the US. I’ve opened four Cryogenic store fronts, tried and used five different types of Cryotherapy machines. Of course, I care about the quality of Cryogenic treatment because it is my business. But I rely on good quality Cryotherapy as my pain relief. That’s why providing the highest level of professional care is so important to me; it affects me on both a business and a personal level. And it might seem as though Cryotherapy is working its magic as long as it is getting you cold, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Cryogenic machines use liquid nitrogen in their cooling process, which can be harmful if utilized improperly. That’s why it’s so important to go to a studio that knows what they are doing, a studio that will guarantee you pain relief in a safe and professional space. Find your Icebox home away from home by asking an Icebox employee which studios they recommend when Icebox isn’t an option!

Don’t want to stray from Iceboox? No problem! Check out the assortment to go products we have available for purchase!