Many people only dream of the day when they can break away from the 9-5 chains that bind them to their office chairs. But what if that dream could become a reality? Franchising may sound like a far-reaching aspiration, but it’s a lot easier than you think, and even more rewarding with the right business.

A franchise is a type of license that grants an individual the right to use a company’s products or services in exchange for payment in the form of franchise fees such as a start-up fee and licensing fees. What makes this type of business setup so attractive is that there are significant benefits for both the franchisee and the franchiser. The franchisee essentially gets to be their own boss without having to start a business from the ground up. The business plan has already been created and everything it takes to run that business is in place, so they won’t have to spend all those days, weeks, months, and years figuring out all the details. And franchisers get to expand without having to spend as much money. 



Starting your own business involves a massive amount of risk, time, and money. In the beginning, it can take years to put together a business plan, gather up the capital, agree on a design, and come up with a million other decisions that bring a business to life.

On top of that, there’s no crystal ball to know how well your business will do. The scary truth is that the odds of survival are low. New businesses have a 20% chance of failing within the first year and that jumps to an astounding 45% within the next 5 years. 

When you franchise, most of the heavy lifting has already been done for you. You’ll be supplied with the equipment, tools, and marketing to successfully run your business. Having an established brand is another benefit. Brand recognition means you’ll already have a built-in customer base to grow from so you won’t have to start from scratch in building clientele. There’s also a lower risk in franchising. You’ll be working alongside a company that has shown to have a proven business model. Which leads to profits. Many franchisees see a higher return on investment than those who start their own business. Probably the greatest benefit of all is that you’ll be your own boss. This means having more autonomy while also receiving support from the other franchises and headquarters. All in all, it’s a much safer and easier investment than starting your own business with plenty of rewards. 



There are currently more than 785,000 franchise establishments in the US. So what makes Icebox therapy the right choice? The health and wellness industry is a 4.5 trillion dollar industry and is only expected to grow. There has never been a better time for franchising as people become more invested in their well-being and look to join health and wellness centers in their neighborhoods. 

Icebox therapy is a cryotherapy studio that offers health and wellness treatments designed to help people look and feel better. Our treatments aid in:

Pain management and relief

Autoimmune disorders

Athletic recovery and performance

Mental wellbeing 

Skin Health


When you become an Icebox therapy franchisee, you become more than just a business owner. You’d be part of a space that aims to help people feel better and be better, and in turn, be contributing to the health of a community. Members know that they can expect a luxurious spa studio with state-of-the-art technology where they’ll be greeted by a warm, professional staff. And you wouldn’t be alone. Icebox provides all the training you need to successfully run your own studio along with the support of all the sister studios and headquarters. 

If you’ve ever thought about making the leap to becoming your own boss, the time is now. With an ever-growing demand for health and wellness studios, the financial benefits of owning an Icebox studio are plentiful. 


For more information on becoming a franchisee, go to Iceboxtherapy.com/franchise

We look forward to working with you!