Recovery Isn’t Just for Athletes | Why Everyone Should Try Cryotherapy

If you’ve heard about cryotherapy, you’ve likely heard about it in reference to some of the best professional athletes. It has been widely reported that high-intensity athletes use it as a way to boost their skills and increase their performance. In fact, similar to ice baths, cryotherapy is regularly used for injury reduction and rapid recovery for athletes. 

There have been reports of athletes such as LeBron James, Von Miller, and Michael Phelps using cryotherapy for a variety of pain-relieving and muscle-soothing reasons. The process encourages muscle healing and pain relief through the use of subzero temperatures. 

While athletes have popularized the therapy, its effects leave many wondering whether or not cryotherapy would be useful for the general population. 

What is Cryotherapy?

Essentially, any type of therapy that makes use of cold temperatures could be considered cryotherapy, as cryo actually means cold. While there are different types of cryotherapy, such as the freezing of warts, whole body cryotherapy has typically been reserved for athletes

Whole-body cryotherapy uses extremely low temperatures which constricts blood vessels and slows down cellular function. After leaving this state, the body will slowly have normal circulation restored. The blood vessels move from constriction to expansion which removes lactic acid from the muscles, reducing muscle soreness. 

It also works to minimize the swelling caused by the breakdown of muscles and jumpstarts an immune response that reduces inflammation. 

Traditionally, cryotherapy has been used for the wellness of athletes. Lately, however, whole-body cryo has become available en masse, broadening those who use it. In fact, as it becomes more widely available and used, more benefits are being uncovered. 

Cryotherapy for Wellness

It is proving to be an effective tool for the overall wellness of people. Wellness includes physical health as well as mental health. For optimal wellness, a person must have restful sleep, times of mindfulness and meditation, along healthy stress-relief options. As a wellness tool, cryo has become an effective resource.

Check out how cryo can aid in your overall wellness.

Why You Should Try Cryotherapy

Pain Relief

Pain relief has long been a known benefit of cryotherapy. As the therapy moves beyond athletes, people are effectively using cryo for chronic pain, including fibromyalgia and lower back pain. 

Treatment for Illness

Cryo increases the body’s immunity, making it a great treatment option for illnesses. In fact, certain conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, have used it as a treatment for years. 

Mood Enhancement

Thanks to the surge of adrenaline that occurs during cryotherapy, the user feels an overall feeling of positive well-being. A person’s emotions and mood are regulated and enhanced during a cryo session, making it an effective option for one’s mental health. 

Skin Benefits

Cryo is excellent for your skin – particularly the use of cryo facials and other cryo-beauty treatments. This is because the extreme cold helps to produce additional collagen in the skin – an essential ingredient to a youthful complexion.

Wrapping Up

Wellness consists of both physical and mental health. Currently, wellness is a huge priority for people worldwide. Finding tools and resources that aid in wellness is a game-changer. Cryotherapy, once a treatment reserved for athletes, is rapidly becoming one of the top wellness tools therapies out there.