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If you’re familiar with whole-body cryotherapy, then you know all the amazing benefits this safe, non-invasive treatment delivers when it comes to pain management, athletic recovery and overall sustained health and wellness.  What you may not know is that localized cryotherapy provides those same benefits but targets certain areas to treat aches, pains, injuries, and more. When added with percussion therapy, results can be transformative. 


When we experience pain in our bodies, our nervous system sends signals to our brains that we are in pain. This can be due to inflammation, injury, or an overworked immune system that’s turned against itself, among many other things. Localized cryotherapy is a quick and effective treatment that uses cold vapor to reduce pain symptoms and silence those signals by deeply penetrating the targeted area. The result is instant pain relief along with a calmed, relaxed state of being. First, the cold vapor contracts your blood vessels so that pain signals to the brain get interrupted and swelling is eased. Then, once the vapor is removed and the temperature returns back to normal, the vessels dilate bringing in a rush of nutrients to the affected area. Along with these nutrients, your body receives endorphins and antioxidants that help your cells recover and boost your energy and mood. 


When paired with percussion therapy, localized therapy works even better. Percussion therapy is similar to a massage in that it consists of vibration of the muscles to ease soreness and pain. It is commonly performed with percussion massagers. You may have seen these devices at a medical office or even a friend’s house. They have become widely popular, and for good reason. These little handheld massage guns bring a powerful punch, but don’t worry, they’re gentler than they sound. By creating a rapid, pulsing sensation when applied to the body, they help  ease muscle soreness, promote better blood flow, and increase range of motion and flexibility, ultimately reducing aches and pains. Just 3-5 minutes of percussion therapy loosens the muscles and  stimulates blood circulation so that when followed by localized cryotherapy, your body is able to send nutrients and oxygen-enriched blood faster to the targeted areas so that the pain melts away even quicker. When performed together, they act as a powerhouse team, one setting the other up so that you get the maximum therapeutic benefits.


Luckily, most people can benefit from these therapies, even those who are underage. From athletes, to weekend warriors, to parents and those in search of pain relief, localized cryotherapy and percussion therapies are safe, effective and work great for:  

  • Improving athletic performance and recovery
  • Injury and post surgical recovery
  • Muscle soreness
  • Joint pain 
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation and related autoimmune disorders

One of the greatest benefits is that sessions don’t take much time and require no downtime so you can get on with your day immediately after treatment. Localized cryotherapy treatments last about 4-8 minutes depending on the targeted area and percussion therapy usually lasts between 3-5 minutes. Both result in little to no discomfort or pain. For instant pain relief on your schedule, localized cryotherapy and percussion therapy are the dynamic duo your body needs.

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