Why These Franchisees Joined Icebox Cryotherapy

Why These Franchisees Joined Icebox Cryotherapy

With a mission-driven, health-focused business model, these stories emphasize that the heart of every successful Icebox franchise lies a personal desire to make a difference.

The booming wellness industry has seen many entrants, but few franchise concepts have garnered as much attention as Icebox Cryotherapy. As the first cryotherapy retail location in the United States, Icebox provides a safe, non-invasive and holistic approach to health and wellness. Now, as the benefits of cryotherapy become more widely acknowledged, entrepreneurs all over the country are tapping into Icebox’s proven business model to bring the service to their community. Here are the stories of three Icebox franchisees and why they joined the brand.

Former VP of JPMorgan Chase Turns to Wellness

For Arun Singh, the transition from being a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase to owning multiple franchises with Icebox Cryotherapy all came down to a deep commitment to one thing: community wellbeing.

After moving to Houston from New York, Singh began exploring business opportunities that would allow him to spend his days more involved in his community, such as wellness, senior care and child care. While Singh and his wife have multiple real estate investments, they desired more active involvement in people’s lives, leading them to the franchising world.

“We were also having several personal experiences that made us more interested in the importance of wellness,” said Singh. “My father was ill, and my mother was suffering from a back injury and was on bedrest. We also know many physicians, and we participate in the MS150 bike rides. So, we are familiar with how physical pain can be taxing on the body. We began looking into the area of recovery and natural ways to help people without relying on medicine. We discovered cryotherapy, and it attracted our attention as something we might want to be a part of, not just as a user but also as an owner.”

When Singh connected with the Icebox team during his research, the brand stood out right away.

“We spoke with the Icebox team, and we were convinced,” Singh said. “Their vision is very clear. If you compare them with the other competitors, many franchises try to do everything — cryo, red light, IV therapy, etc., but those things often require a medical professional available. Icebox is more of a boutique that is focused on a very specific area: wellness and skin care. It is the right balance that 50% of other competitors don’t have.”

Icebox focuses on cryotherapy, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional ice bath, which entails exposing the human body to ulta-low temperatures for a span of three minutes, all without the use of water. This full-body cryotherapy helps to mitigate chronic inflammation, enhance circulation, alleviate pain and foster overall health and wellness. These state-of-the-art studios also offer skin health care and cryotherma anti-aging treatment, all within a lively environment staffed by highly skilled professionals equipped with top-notch industry tools.

The Singhs signed a six-unit deal to expand the Icebox brand in Houston and are excited to open their first location early next year.

“Our goal is to grow awareness around wellness and cryotherapy in this area,” said Singh. “The research in this field is not well-advertised within the community. If we are able to make it more widely available, it is going to help more people avoid unnecessary pain medications and embrace more natural techniques for recovery. I want something that is more than just an investment. This is another way to give back to the community.”

Entrepreneurial Couple Transform Newfound Passion into Business

Experienced in the agricultural industry, Adam and Katie Harrell didn’t expect to become entrepreneurs in the wellness sector. But their decision to franchise with Icebox Cryotherapy after moving to Atlanta in 2019 showcases the brand’s proven and simplified business model, allowing prospective franchisees from all walks of life to thrive.

“We got to a point where we decided that we wanted to do something for ourselves where we were our own bosses and could make our own schedule,” said Katie. “We eventually became customers at an Icebox in Alpharetta, and we loved the brand and services.”

The duo were blown away by the physical and mental health benefits of cryo and became avid guests. And when they found out that the brand was a franchise, they decided to get into business for themselves.

“We went with Icebox because we already believed in the products and services,” said Katie. “It didn’t feel like learning something new. We didn’t have to learn what we were going to be selling.”

Icebox offers a scalable path thanks to its simplified services and a membership-based model where guests are recommended to visit the studio a minimum of two to three times in a seven to ten day period for the best results.

“My perception was that you can be your own boss, but you also have the support of a headquarters and corporate team,” said Adam. “And that has very much been our experience.”

Since opening in 2020, the Icebox studio in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, has become a favorite within the local community. With Adam and Katie both being very involved from the beginning, they have created an environment where guests can relax and feel better. Now, the pair is looking forward to growing with the brand.

“After two years of doing this, we still love it so much,” said Katie. “And being able to share it with others, from our team members to our guests, has been very rewarding. It doesn’t feel like work — it’s fun. What we offer to people really helps them relax and feel better. It’s a place people want to be and feels like a safe place for people to come. It’s a very rewarding industry.”

Biotech Expert and Professional Athlete Invest in Booming Cryo Market

With backgrounds spanning from pharmaceutical and biotech industries to real estate and professional sports, Edward and Hope Gaines bring a unique, expert perspective to Icebox Cryotherapy.

Edward, who is currently a biotech executive and former Division I basketball player at Davidson College and NBA Referee, and Hope, with roots in biology and real estate, share a deep-rooted passion for cryotherapy. It all started after Hope stumbled upon the innovative service during a visit to a local chiropractic center in Tallahassee.

“After several visits, we had so much energy, and we weren’t as achy,” said Hope. “We would go there to get treatments, compressions, etc. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to shut down the cryo there. I started looking for other places that offered cryotherapy, and the closest was in Atlanta. So, I would drive there to get cryotherapy treatments. That’s how much I loved it! It was all about making sure my inflammation was decreasing. There are so many benefits to cryotherapy — better sleep, circulation improvement, inflammation reduction, etc.”

When the couple learned about the Icebox mission to create happier and healthier communities through franchising, and they considered their collective backgrounds, they realized opening an Icebox of their own in their hometown could be a perfect way to not only bring cryo closer for themselves, but also to spread the joy to more people.

Although they were driven by a personal passion, Edward says they also made sure to do their entrepreneurial due diligence.

“Having been in the gene therapy and biotech industry for nearly 30 years, I am a numbers guy,” Edward said. “So, when Hope would drive back and forth to the Icebox studio in Atlanta to get cryotherapy, I started doing some research to learn what this industry was all about and learn about Icebox itself. When I looked at the numbers, I learned that the cryotherapy market size globally was nearly $7 billion. I saw that as an opportunity. I knew that we would be on the cutting edge of this growing industry.”

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a major focus on feel-good businesses that promote health and wellbeing. According to a study done by Mindbody, 75% of Americans feel that wellness is more important than ever. Icebox stands at the forefront of this growth, offering franchisees across the United States the chance to tap into the burgeoning self-care trend and seize the lucrative opportunities within the health and wellness revolution. Looking at same store sales, Icebox studios grew 35% in Q1 of 2023 vs Q1 2022, and 27% in Q2 of 2023 vs. Q2 of 2022.

Now, the Gaines are gearing up to open their first location and have aspirations to expand with other territories throughout Florida.

“All of these franchisee stories showcase how Icebox is an opportunity to help people and in your community in a healthy, fun and creative environment,” said CEO and founder Alia Alston. “For people who have always dreamed of opening up their own businesses and building wealth, the time has never been better to join the cryotherapy wellness movement with Icebox, the number one brand leader in the industry.”

The total investment necessary to open an Icebox studio ranges from $372,900 to $639,700, including a $45,000 franchise fee. Learn more here https://1851franchise.com/iceboxtherapy.