Trying to decide which Body Contouring service to choose?

Here’s what you need to know…

The 3 “Queens” of Fat Melting and Fat Dissolving:

  • CryoTherma
  • Vanquish
  • Company #3

Carrying a few extra pounds of stubborn fat in the belly or thighs is a problem that can seem impossible to solve. Many women (and men) have tried all sorts of costly and sometimes painful solutions to tighten up their bellies and thighs, such as liposuction and ultrasound.

The discomfort, expense, time spent, and lack of results with these procedures can be frustrating. Consequently, non-invasive procedures for reducing belly, love handle, and thigh fat are in high demand.

While using below freezing temperatures to melt fat may sound strange, it has been clinically tested, and has had a long history in the Beauty market.

Now, let’s compare the 3 “Queens” of Fat Loss and Melting.

1. CryoTherma is a 3 in one system that not only uses sub-zero temps to reduce fatty tissue, but helps diminish cellulite and tightens skin. Pagani, an Italian company, made CryoTherma with the technology of cold and hot to eliminate fat, known as “T-Shock”. They won an award at the Gicare Exhibition in Paris for Most Innovative Aesthetic Device. Costs for Icebox CryoTherma is $350 per area, and 3-5 sessions are recommended for best results.

2. Vanquish utilizes a large panel which lies very close to the skin, and it’s large “spot” area can treat the abdomen and sides of the waist simultaneously. The panel heats up the fat cells to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which causes the fat cells to die. It does not contact the skin, and the treatment feels like sitting under a warm blanket for 30 minutes. Cost for Vanquish starts around $600 to $800 per treatment, and 4-6 treatments are recommended for best results.

3. Company #3 advertises freezing of the fat. A small suction cup-like applicator is used to freeze the fat over an hour treatment time. After treatment, the skin feels like a stick of butter and is massaged. Occasionally, patients have discomfort in the treatment area that requires pain management. Results take around 1-2 months, and can result in around 20-30% of fat loss in area treated. Cost for Company #3 starts around $750-$1200 per applicator.

After comparing Icebox CryoTherma, Vanquish and Company #3…

CryoTherma is the only procedure of the 3 that does more than just dissolve/melt fat!

For a fraction of the cost of the other treatments, the most logical choice is Queen Cryotherma! CryoTherma has taken the industry by storm. It is revolutionary, a one of a kind non-invasive, fat-reducing, cellulite diminishing and skin tightening procedure. It involves absolutely no surgery, no medication, and no recovery time. Results can be impressive in certain patients immediately, but most results are seen after 3-5 treatments.

Icebox is the only spa in Atlanta that offers CryoTherma.

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