May #2


The use of cold as a form of physical therapy, also known as cryotherapy, has been a centuries-long health practice for managing pain and treating various issues. Immersing oneself in cold water is a type of cryotherapy that is now gaining mainstream recognition in the public sector for its many benefits.  But you don’t need to go diving in the Arctic to reap the rewards. There’s a simpler and faster way to experience those results. We’ll explore what makes cold water a curative resource and why it’s not the only option for holistic healing. 


One part of that answer lies in little proteins called cold shock proteins. Your body produces these proteins when it encounters stress. And sometimes, stress can actually be good for you.  Ongoing stress is the kind we try to stay away from. It creates inflammation that damages cells and leads to chronic diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s. The other type, natural stress, also known as hermetic, is beneficial. This is a short-term stress that we sometimes need to push the boundaries of our bodies to make them stronger, like when we stress our muscles during a workout. 

Similarly, when we expose ourselves to cold water, our brains receive an alert that the body is under stress and it sends in cold shock proteins to help the body cope. These proteins interact with other proteins in your cells, changing their shape and even how they communicate with one another. Most remarkably, they help your DNA repair itself, improving your body and immune system. 


Blood circulation: The initial shock of the cold sends a signal to your brain, alerting it to send in a rush of oxygenated blood, along with essential nutrients throughout the body.

Brain: Cold Shock Proteins help repair cells and prevent neural damage and inflammation that can lead to autoimmune disorders and several other conditions. In addition, exposure to cold releases neurotransmitters in your brain that promote better mental acuity, more focus, a more positive mood, and even better sleep.

Athletic performance: Cold temperatures speed up the post-workout process of tissue repair by reducing swelling, easing aches, and repairing the body on a cellular level.

Immunity: T cells and B cells are increased. T cells protect the body from foreign invaders, while B cells create antibodies to fight against viruses. 

Skin health: Cryotherapy helps treat skin issues like acne, dermatitis, and aging by reducing redness, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles. 


Icebox therapy treatments deliver the same benefits of cold water without the hassle of filling a tub with ice, finding a lake to swim in, or even just getting wet. Instead of using water, Icebox therapy offers whole-body cryotherapy treatments by way of cold air that circulates within a room.  During a session, your body is exposed to the cold air, usually at -200 to -300 degrees for  3 minutes. Those brief 3 minutes are enough to provide your body with long-lasting benefits. But saving time isn’t the only way Icebox makes cryo easy. 

Safety ensured by a professional staff: Getting in water that is too cold or staying in for too long is extremely dangerous. Our highly trained staff is there to ensure the air is set at the correct temperature, assist you during your session, and make sure you are safe and comfortable throughout the process. Even more important, the Icebox team is there to help you curate the perfect experience to fit your health and wellness goals. 

Comfort: During the session, our staff will play your favorite song to keep you relaxed and once you’re finished, you will be greeted with a comfy robe and a hot beverage. 

Convenience: With studio locations nationwide, there’s a good chance you’ve got an Icebox studio in your community. So, total body bliss can be found on the go!

It’s clear to see just how much the use of cold can positively affect our minds and bodies. 

And while it’s possible to achieve some of these benefits with a cold shower or a cold swim, for an even easier, faster option, we recommend an Icebox whole-body cryotherapy session to get the maximum results.


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