June Blog #1


We at Icebox proudly celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ community and culture. By participating in the celebration of Pride Month we hope to help bring awareness to the struggles for equality and inclusivity within that community and to commemorate the hard work of activists that have fought for their rights. We believe that every human should be afforded equal rights and the freedom to express themselves without persecution. That they should be accepted for who they are without judgment. Every day our actions contribute to and shape the society in which we live. Our choices build that landscape, brick by brick. By bringing awareness to Pride Month and what it stands for, we aim to be masons of an inclusive society. Because when one group’s rights are at stake, we must join in and defend those rights. 

Pride Month was started as a celebration to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising. Also known as the Stonewall riots, these were protests against raids by the NYC police on the gay community at a bar called the Stonewall Inn. The patrons, having had enough of the raids,  stood up for their rights and fought back against the police. This led the way to the fight for equality for the entire LGBT community. Pride month also signifies a time to celebrate the beautiful diversity of the human species and show reverence for those who boldly stood up against discrimination, those whose voices were stifled, and whose human rights were denied and in many places in the country still are. 

Although much progress has been made, the fight continues and now, more than ever, it is imperative we use our voices and any tools we can to show our support and let the LGBTQIA+ community know we stand beside them. Diversity is what makes America and the world a beautiful place and is worthy of celebration during Pride Month and every day.