Icebox Therapy Studio Growth is Looking Pretty Cool

What started as the first retail cryotherapy provider in the US in Atlanta, Georgia ten years ago, Icebox Therapy is now a rapidly growing health and wellness enterprise. Since then Icebox has opened 16 locations across the country, and is set to open even more in areas in Texas, Florida, North Carolina & Georgia. And with record membership growth in each new studio, the future looks pretty cool for Icebox studios and its members. 


Cryotherapy literally means “cold therapy”.  It is a safe, non-invasive treatment that exposes the body to extreme cold temperatures for a short period of time. The cold helps to reduce inflammation and pain in the body and has been shown to alleviate symptoms of many health issues. It also has many skin benefits as it boosts collagen, tightens pores and helps heal the skin quicker. 


Icebox studios was created when its founder, Alia Alston, believed cryotherapy should be available to more than just athletes and doctor patients. Having been involved in a car accident when she was young, Alia knew first hand what chronic pain felt like. After years of searching for relief she came across cryotherapy and instantly felt the pain go away. 


Alia made it her mission to share this type of holistic treatment with her community to offer a source of healing and improvement in their lives. But she wasn’t just creating a cryotherapy studio, she created a unicorn. Previously, all the other cryosaunas were located in professional training facilities or doctor offices and medical facilities. I really wanted to offer people like me, suffering from injury, another option with a holistic approach to recovery. ” Alston shares. Icebox Cryotherapy Studios provides state of the art technology in a modern, sleek and comfortable setting with an emphasis on ultimate member experience. 


Icebox Therapy’s growth means  more people will have access to an innovative model of relief, recovery, and treatment. Many who have been suffering from long-term pain, who maybe thought surgery was their only option, and those looking to transform their  skin with a more holistic, natural alternative will have access to a studio nearby where they can feel welcomed and cared for.