Icebox Skin Press Release

Atlanta, GA, September 1, 2022—Icebox Studios is unveiling the expansion of their skin health business through the launch of a brand new program, Icebox SKIN. Acting as a rebranding of CryoBeauty, on September 15th, Icebox SKIN will introduce three new facials and a personalized, monthly skin care program to help guests achieve their healthy skin goals.

Guests will now enjoy skin health services with state-of-the-art technology while receiving sophisticated holistic care. Icebox’s advanced yet non-invasive technical treatments will leave guests glowing with confidence. These new services have been designed by Icebox’s very own Corporate Esthetics Trainer, Lauren Wessler.

Cryotherapy is quickly gaining popularity as a skincare treatment. Applying cold temperatures to the skin causes blood vessels to constrict and charges the blood with oxygen and nutrients. When the blood vessels dilate blood flow is increased throughout the body. This process boosts collagen production, creating a healthier, brighter, more vibrant complexion.

Icebox Skin addresses the consumer’s demand for a more efficient facial treatment, while still enjoying a luxurious experience with excellent customer service. They focus on busy professionals or parents that don’t have time for a spa day to take care of their skin, the young men who want to begin implementing a skin regimen, the teen with troublesome skin, and anyone just looking to take better care of their skin. Guests can walk in and out without changing out of their clothes and leave looking better in under an hour. 

In the rapidly growing spa sector of the health and wellness industry, Icebox is ready to disrupt and go after the esthetics service membership space. 

“The Icebox Skin Care Program is something that has yet to exist in the industry. “At Icebox we are committed to incorporating cold therapy skin services routinely  that are curated for our guests and their special needs.” Wessler, Icebox’s Corporate Esthetics Trainer, explains. “Included in the program are scheduled monthly consultations that make me proud that Icebox values the educational piece in skin care. Our SKIN services leave our clients feeling knowledgeable, confident, and glowing in their skin.”


Icebox Cryotherapy Studios is a Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) company whose flagship studio opened in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 by founder Alia Alston. It’s the first cryotherapy retail location in the United States, with 16 locations across the country and 18 more studios planned to open this year. Icebox Therapy provides a safe, non-invasive and holistic approach to health and wellness by aiding in athletic performance and recovery, pain management and skincare treatments. To learn more about Icebox Therapy and cryotherapy benefits, visit IceboxTherapy.com.