Meet an Icebox Member!

Who are the Faces in the Icebox Community?

Icebox is so lucky to have amazing, loyal members all over the country. Our members are dedicated to taking care of their bodies, one Icebox visit at a time.
When our first Icebox studio opened in the heart of Atlanta 10 years ago, we became an instant favorite of top athletes and influencers. But soon, our therapy spread to people who don’t have jet-set lives and championship games because of our results-driven, instantly gratifying, non-invasive therapies.

Today, our member base is as unique as our therapy. From the working mom who needs to squeeze in a freeze between meetings and school pick-ups, to the weekend warrior recovering from an injury or working on a fitness goal, the Icebox experience can help anyone discover their best self.

Everyone is Welcome!

We strive to create an inclusive environment at our studios so that every member feels welcome. Our branding is gender neutral and let’s everyone from a football player to a grandmother feel comfortable in our space. Our wellness coordinators are taught how to encourage members to use our therapies to achieve their wellness goals and empower them to take care of themselves.

Sometimes it can seem as though only professional athletes deserve the innovative therapies that Icebox provides. With the anti-inflammatory benefits of Cryotherapy, anyone can benefit from our cool services at Icebox. Whether struggling with arthritis, an autoimmune disease, muscular and joint discomfort, a skin condition, or simply want to add another beneficial practice to their wellness routine, Cryotherapy can help you live a more pain-free life.

This defining quality has helped to create a diverse member base. We have a 50/50 ratio of men and women and ages ranging from 12-90. Members join our studios in search of the life-changing benefits of our cold therapy methods. Our members have reported significant improvements in everything from the quality of their sleep, pain reduction of chronic issues, faster recovery of injury or exercise, and reduced stress and anxiety.

Icebox’s innovative method doesn’t just help our members feel their best, it helps them look their best, too.

See Yourself as a Member?

A typical Icebox studio member is someone hoping to improve both his or her physical health and overall wellbeing with a simple and quick non-invasive technique. Icebox is proud to be able to get clients in and out of the studio in 12 minutes. Our studios are open 7 days a week and we give our members the ability to visit any Icebox location for a session. So you have no excuse– 12 minutes is a menial amount of time to spend on something as vital as your health.

Become a Face of the Icebox Family

When you open an Icebox Studio Franchise, you’re creating a community hub that allows members to become their best selves. Helping more members discover the transformative power of Cryotherapy generates so much work pride and job satisfaction. To learn more about becoming an Icebox studio owner visit our website at iceboxtherapy.com/franchise.