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Meet New Icebox Cryotherapy Franchisee – Erin Trease 

Erin Trease has worn a lot of hats in her life including athlete, veterinary sales, and pharmaceutical rep as well as an experienced entrepreneur and gym owner. Erin was looking for an opportunity to come back to her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and establish her business in a competitive market. So, she decided to add on another hat – cryotherapy franchisee!

Read on to learn how Erin found success as an Icebox Cryotherapy franchisee!

What Sparked the Entrepreneurial Spirit Journey?

Having spent 15 years in veterinary sales, Erin’s own experience as an athlete led to her first entrepreneurial experience as a CrossFit gym owner. Initially starting out as a kickboxer, Erin transitioned into a coach and later gym owner after the former owner approached her and another coach to purchase the gym. 

After 5 years of running the gym, Erin’s strong desire to move back to the Columbus area along with a discussion of how to run the business led her to another pivotal decision: Sell her portion of the business and open her own CrossFit gym in Columbus. 

Arriving in Columbus just before the start of Covid-19 proved to be fortuitous for Erin. With time to conduct research and analysis, she came to the conclusion that in a saturated market with big names already present she would have to change her plans.

That’s when inspiration and the perfect solution struck. Having already experienced cryotherapy as a CrossFit athlete, Erin decided to venture out and open her own cryotherapy business. 

Research into various franchises led her to Icebox’s Alia Alston, a connection that made up her mind for good. Inspired by their powerful stories and Icebox’s mission, Erin knew she had found the company that was right for her. 

Success and Challenges

As she began her journey as a franchisee, Erin found her biggest win during the grand opening of her location. After months of networking with other gyms and events and curating a list of VIP members, the weekend of her grand opening along with her staff was an awesome success. 

Erin’s Advice 

Even with Erin’s amazing successes, she also had some advice on the challenges and surprises she came across along the way. Having encountered slight issues with being on top of construction timelines among other things, Erin saw room for improvement in her planning and strategy approach. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Plan for the period after the initial success
  • Consider hiring staff such as an assistant manager to assist in management to free up time for community outreach
  • Take time to educate customers that might not have knowledge of cryotherapy
  • Always plan for delays, especially in construction

How Cryotherapy Has Benefitted Erin

Erin’s own personal experience with cryotherapy allows her to understand the benefits. With the therapy’s ability to release endorphins, Erin turned to cryotherapy prior to competition or workouts to give her an energy boost. 

More frequently, Erin used cryotherapy to aid her in her healing and speed up recovery. As the pain and inflammation were flushed from the body, Erin found she enjoyed better sleep and more energy. 

Experiencing those benefits has helped Erin connect with customers, many of whom are seeking relief from chronic pain stemming from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis including in cases where medication is no longer helping. 

What’s in the Future for Erin?

Seeing the difference made in the lives of her clients, Erin is excited to continue her journey in educating people in Columbus about the benefits of cryotherapy in athletic recovery and pain relief. 

Pulling in experiences from her time at her CrossFit gym, Erin looks forward to creating a community where people can hang out and connect with each other. 

Want to Become an Icebox Cryotherapy Franchisee?

Erin’s final piece of advice for those wanting to join Icebox is to simply “stop waiting” as the industry is “on the verge of cryotherapy and holistic health recovery modalities” and to join a franchise that has heart in place of a corporate atmosphere. 

At Icebox, we have been trendsetters and leaders in making cryotherapy available across the country with our brick-and-mortar retail locations. If you are interested in joining us as a franchisee, reach out and learn more about owning your own Icebox location.