Pride Month at Icebox | A LGBTQIA+ Celebration

I started Icebox 10 years ago with a dream to serve our communities nationwide and provide a safe and welcoming space for all people to find a source of healing. 

Icebox is committed to encouraging and facilitating an environment centered around diversity, equity and inclusion across every facet of our brand. We should work together to create a sustainable culture that supports a healthy space for learning and growing, valuing and empowering every employee, inspiring a diverse franchise network, and uplifting the members and communities we so dearly serve.

Each June marks Pride month – a time to celebrate the incredible progress the LGBTQIA+  community has made over the past 51 years in pursuit of dignity, equality, and acceptance. And from its roots, as a radical liberation movement was born a cheerful, prideful celebration of the accomplishments and impact of the  LGBTQIA+ members and as a reminder of every individual’s fundamental human rights. 

Let’s celebrate our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, guests, and loved ones by standing in solidarity with them, and gain inspiration from the Pride movement’s important history as we work toward a more just and equitable future.

I look forward to serving the LGBTQIA+ community this month and always. 

In celebration & solidarity,