What is Compression Therapy and How Does It Work?

If you have a desk job where you sit for long periods, have your legs ever felt stiff when you finally stand up? Or, if you just sit on the couch for hours binging a television show, have your legs felt a little off when your binge comes to an end, and you stand? The reason why your legs feel this way is because your blood has stopped circulating back to the heart and has settled in your legs. Compression therapy can alleviate these issues.  

While doing this on occasion isn’t necessarily detrimental to your health, the more you sit for longer periods, and the older that you get, the blood that settles in your legs can cause varicose and spider veins. If you spot these on your legs your first instinct may be to Google ways to get rid of them, which may lead you to explore a cosmetic procedure – but that’s not necessary. 

Another great reason to use compression therapy is to aid leg soreness and improve muscle recovery from an intense workout or training session. It is an affordable way to promote blood flow through your legs again and rid aches, pains, and those unsightly veins. 

If you haven’t heard of compression therapy before, keep reading to learn more about this popular treatment that we offer at Icebox Cryotherapy.


What is Compression Therapy? 

Compression therapy does exactly what its name suggests – it uses compression to target the vein walls which reinstates blood flow back to the heart, instead of keeping it trapped in the legs. By using compression, circulation is improved and there is less of a risk of blood clots.


What Does a Compression Therapy Session Entail?

When you make an appointment, you can expect the entire treatment to take about 25 minutes. During this 25-minute appointment, you’ll experience applied, controlled pressure on your lower limbs through the use of leg sleeves. These leg sleeves vary based on compression level and the area that is being treated (whether that is your legs, ankles, and/or feet). When these are placed on your lower limbs, you’ll feel relaxed while the leg sleeves do all the work to increase your blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and vein support.


How Often Should You Get Compression Therapy? 

There is no set formula for how often you should receive this treatment. Many patients who start with this treatment get it two or three times a week, but some patients receive it daily. How much compression therapy you should get depends on you and your needs.


Beyond offering our popular cryotherapy treatments, Icebox Cryotherapy also offers compression therapy. Booking a compression therapy appointment is the perfect follow-up to a cryotherapy session. If you have 25 minutes free, book an appointment with one of our experienced team members today. We know after your first appointment, you’ll become hooked to this treatment as blood flow is improved.

Especially since the pandemic, more of us are working remotely and sitting behind a computer more than we used to. Get ahead of any varicose and spider vein issues that will pop up later by getting started with compression therapy now. Find out more about this popular service or get in touch with our team here today!