A Self-Care Studio with a Mission: Why You Should Open an Icebox Franchise

When you hear the word “franchise,” you may imagine owning a small piece of a disinterested company. At Icebox, we champion people’s growth and comfort as they fulfill their purpose… and that goes for our franchisees as well! We understand and cherish the cryotherapy industry as a movement, one with a passionate community that emphasizes educating and healing, not selling. 

If you’ve been considering becoming a business owner but don’t find the typical options appealing, read on to learn how an Icebox franchise can stoke your entrepreneurial fire while providing a (literally!) cool way for people to boost their health.


What is Cryotherapy?

At Icebox, we encourage mindfulness, improved injury recovery, chronic pain relief, and an insatiable thirst to celebrate life. Our innovative services and events combine cold immersion, compression, and other natural healing services. It’s more than innovative cold technology — it’s a way of life, an unprecedented opportunity for our guests to heal without invasive therapies. Cryotherapy is anything but a passive experience. As cryotherapy was previously limited to (largely inaccessible) medical clinics, Icebox was started so we could share these benefits with the larger community.

For Icebox, allowing entrepreneurs to open their own cryotherapy studios was never about the money. We’re eager to spread the mission, and we encourage each franchisee to cherish their adventure into the wellness industry. This health and wellness space is truly a feel-good category. At Icebox, we make people happy and love how we educated our community on other ways of healing. 


How Icebox is Growing the Cryo Community

We’re not here to freeze out the competition. We know that our clients love and appreciate us for the invigorating service we provide. Our team is diverse, compassionate, and intentional in its actions. That’s the beauty of Icebox: it is all about cultivating an extraordinary and energizing experience.

For example, we don’t just promote our services and keep a revolving door for our guests. We strive to provide our ever-growing community with customized micro-experiences. We are here to answer their questions and help them feel better, stronger, and more motivated. Many people seek cryotherapy to recover from severe injuries and chronic pain. We must be in a position to educate and inspire them during these challenges. With our simplified services and low employee need, we are able to easily educate our sister studios to deliver the best customer experience. 

That’s why our Icebox franchisees are such a vital part of our community. They are the ones continually inviting our guests to experience the benefits of Cryotherapy. And because our studios offer enhancer therapies as well, including red light therapy, compression, localized, and skin health treatments, we can fully customize each client’s experience. 

In short, our franchisees are anything but generic clones of our brand. Each studio is co-created and transformed by its teams and guests to have their own personalities. Together, we collectively grow the cryotherapy movement and share the Icebox experience.


Ready to Open Your Icebox Franchise?

We try to be humble, but we’re also honest about our mission and the values we provide to our franchise owners, teams, and guest. It’s exciting to see how we’re growing and rewarding to see people grow with Icebox. 

We’re looking for entrepreneurs who are eager to transform the health and wellness sphere with this “cool” form of self-care. Is that you? Reach out to us to learn about opening a franchise!