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Why Cryotherapy is The Fastest Self Help Treatment

Self help has become a ubiquitous mantra reminding us to take the necessary time to care for our own mental and physical wellbeing. And although we can agree that we need to disconnect and recharge, we may feel we don’t have the time or the resources available. However, self help is more attainable than we think with the help of cryotherapy.



Almost every magazine cover you see today lists the 5 steps to follow for ultimate self care. These may include meditation camps or retreats, week-long vacations, or spa days.  And while these are all great ways to decompress, not everyone can take that time off and certainly not do it on a weekly basis. Cryotherapy, however, is the fastest self help you can give yourself (or even gift to others). Also known as “cold therapy”,  it provides  mental and physical relief in just 3 minutes. Despite Cryotherapy’s recent boom in popularity,  it has actually been around since the 19th century and the use of cold to treat injuries has been practiced for over a thousand years. 



Cryotherapy is a safe, effective and non-invasive  holistic treatment used to aid in inflammation, speed up recovery from injury, used for athletic performance and recovery, reduce pain, improve mood and is also a powerful tool in skin health. Attending sessions regularly provides long lasting results and relief.

What sets cryotherapy apart is how much relief it provides in a short amount of time. You can walk  into your session and be out the door in just 12 minutes. For those who worry  they don’t have enough time for something as important as self care, a whole body cryotherapy session is faster than waiting in a Starbucks line  and you’ll leave with much more lasting energy than from drinking a venti latte. It’s even faster than icing a knee but with the added bonus of having professionals on hand.  It’s a great way to get the care you need on your schedule so you can squeeze in a session between work and home, after your gym session, children pickup and drop offs, at the end of your work week or during the weekend. 

A cryotherapy session consists of entering the Icebox during which the body is exposed to safe, sub freezing temperatures for 3 minutes. This constricts the body’s blood vessels, creating less blood flow to the areas of swelling in the body. The vessels then dilate which allows an increase in anti-inflammatory proteins to enter the blood and reach the cells. Afterwards, a surge of endorphins and positive hormones rush throughout the body, boosting mood and overall well being, alleviating depression and anxiety. 




One of the outstanding benefits of cryotherapy as a means to self help is how it provides relief to both the mind and body in a single session. Among the other countless benefits, cryotherapy:



  • Enhances mood
  • Better sleep
  • Calmer mind
  • Reduces migraine symptoms
  • Increases mental alertness and clarity



  • Reduces pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Promotes skin health and treats skin issues
  • Improves circulation



  • Depression and anxiety: Cryotherapy releases adrenaline and endorphins into the bloodstream to elevate mood and produce a calming effect
  •  Recovery after Injury or exercise: Muscle soreness is eased, inflammation is reduced and joint function is improved
  • Chronic pain like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s and other conditions : Cryotherapy reduces inflammation, which is at the core of many chronic pain conditions. Nerves are cooled and then send reduced pain signals to the brain
  • Acne, dermatitis and other skin health conditions: As the skin is cooled, pores are tightened, bacteria killed, circulation is boosted and inflammation is reduced to help improve the skin. Cryotherapy is excellent in facial treatments, as it boosts collagen production and helps with anti-aging. 


In the self help arena, cryotherapy is the fastest way to feel better inside and out. Try a session today at your local Icebox Therapy studio to experience the difference 3 minutes can make.