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How to Take Care of Yourself Now That You’ve Taken Care of Others

It’s that time again when the holiday season is behind us and we welcome the beginning of a new year. Now that you’ve taken care of everyone else, you can start the new year by taking care of yourself. You planned the family gathering dinners, checked off all the gifts from the list, participated in…

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Why Cryotherapy is the Detox You Need for Healing a Hangover

For thousands of years, celebrations and festivities have been accompanied by copious amounts of food and drink. For proof, you need look no further than Dionysus, known as the Greek god of wine. Today, we need very little reason to celebrate: holidays, birthday parties, or Friday nights out with friends. And while taking part in…

Huntersville, NC, USA: 2022 October 22 
Venue: IceBox Cryotherapy Lake Norman
Event: 2022-10-22: Grand Opening IceBox Cryotherapy Lake Norman
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Date: 2022-10-22

3 Ways Cryotherapy Stands Apart as a Wellness Treatment

We live in a time where we have an abundance of wellness options when it comes to alternative treatments, giving us greater agency over how we care for ourselves and our bodies.  But with so many wellness treatments available, it can be difficult choosing the right one. And with more and more stacked on our…


Why You Shouldn’t Skip Cryo When It’s Cold

As the winter season approaches and it gets chillier outside we may find ourselves searching for warmth by snuggling up next to a fireplace or getting cozy under some blankets on the couch. The thought of “cold therapy” may be the furthest thing from our minds, but cryotherapy can be vital during this time.   …

Young woman doing shadow box at sunset by the lake with cap and head phones.

How to Fight Back Against Autoimmune Disease

For some of us, pain, fatigue, or memory issues can be a temporary, albeit, frustrating  inconvenience. For others, it is a part of daily life. This is the case for millions of people who suffer from autoimmune diseases. The problem is it can be hard to find the right treatment  because symptoms can be so…

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The Secret to Good Skin Health is Consistency

The elements don’t take breaks and neither should your skin care. From air pollution to free radicals and other variables that can wreak havoc, your skin is constantly on the defense protecting you from those harmful elements. So when it comes to the health of your skin, it is important to practice consistent care to…

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Why Cryotherapy is The Fastest Self Help Treatment

Self help has become a ubiquitous mantra reminding us to take the necessary time to care for our own mental and physical wellbeing. And although we can agree that we need to disconnect and recharge, we may feel we don’t have the time or the resources available. However, self help is more attainable than we…


Icebox Skin Press Release

Atlanta, GA, September 1, 2022—Icebox Studios is unveiling the expansion of their skin health business through the launch of a brand new program, Icebox SKIN. Acting as a rebranding of CryoBeauty, on September 15th, Icebox SKIN will introduce three new facials and a personalized, monthly skin care program to help guests achieve their healthy skin…


Icebox Therapy Studio Growth is Looking Pretty Cool

What started as the first retail cryotherapy provider in the US in Atlanta, Georgia ten years ago, Icebox Therapy is now a rapidly growing health and wellness enterprise. Since then Icebox has opened 16 locations across the country, and is set to open even more in areas in Texas, Florida, North Carolina & Georgia. And…


New Icebox Cryotherapy Studio in Columbia Offers Athletic Recovery, Health and Wellness, and Skin Health Services

Cryotherapy Services and Treatments Help Alleviate Pain, Reduce Inflammation and Improve Skin Health   PRESS RELEASE UPDATED: JUL 15, 2022 COLUMBIA, S.C., July 15, 2022 (Newswire.com) – Icebox Cryotherapy franchisees John and Jennifer Hooks, a husband and wife team, have opened Icebox Cryotherapy Studio in Columbia. The 1,726 sq. foot state-of-the-art health and wellness studio…