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A Self-Care Studio with a Mission: Why You Should Open an Icebox Franchise

When you hear the word “franchise,” you may imagine owning a small piece of a disinterested company. At Icebox, we champion people’s growth and comfort as they fulfill their purpose… and that goes for our franchisees as well! We understand and cherish the cryotherapy industry as a movement, one with a passionate community that emphasizes…


What is Compression Therapy and How Does It Work?

If you have a desk job where you sit for long periods, have your legs ever felt stiff when you finally stand up? Or, if you just sit on the couch for hours binging a television show, have your legs felt a little off when your binge comes to an end, and you stand? The…


Why Investing in Self-Care is So Important

Wellness and self-care shouldn’t only be a priority when you set your New Year’s resolutions – it should be a priority all year long. For far too many of us, unfortunately, it takes a back seat to our other work, social, and family obligations.   What you might not be aware of though is that…


Pride Month at Icebox | A LGBTQIA+ Celebration

I started Icebox 10 years ago with a dream to serve our communities nationwide and provide a safe and welcoming space for all people to find a source of healing.  Icebox is committed to encouraging and facilitating an environment centered around diversity, equity and inclusion across every facet of our brand. We should work together…

Cryotherapy Woman with Cap

Meet New Icebox Cryotherapy Franchisee – Erin Trease 

Erin Trease has worn a lot of hats in her life including athlete, veterinary sales, and pharmaceutical rep as well as an experienced entrepreneur and gym owner. Erin was looking for an opportunity to come back to her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and establish her business in a competitive market. So, she decided to add…


Tips to Prep Your Skin for Summer

Summer is just around the corner and now is the time to start prepping your skin! We all spend much more time in the sun during the warm summer months and, without proper preparation and care, our skin is what will pay the price. With this in mind, we wanted to offer some tips to…


Franchise vs. Startup – What is Right for Me? 

Owning a business is a decision that no one makes lightly. With so many businesses ownership options, narrowing down the type of business you want to open –  Franchise vs. Startup – can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! We know startups look appealing at first glance, and franchises seem…


The Story of Icebox

Alia Alston has spent her entire career trying to help people as it feeds her soul. From helping families find their forever homes when she was working in real estate or creating and developing an all-natural baby care line, she has always looked for a way to touch other people’s lives. When she was introduced…


5 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Wellness Studio Franchisee

Now more than ever, people are becoming more in tune with their health and wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised an important awareness surrounding taking care of your body, mind, and wellness. Becoming a wellness studio franchisee is a great opportunity to take advantage of this booming industry. From access to training and support to…


IceBox Feature of the Month: Glow Facial

Self-care is on the rise and we are SO glad to see it! After two years of monumental stress and anxiety, now is the time to focus on your self-care. After the wild time that is the holiday season, these later winter months are the perfect time to remember to take care of yourself. After…